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Builders Risk

Souza Insurance Agency has effectively worked with projects across North America for over 33 years. Our professionals are ready to work with you on your next project.

Souza Insurance Agency offers construction insurance, including builders risk insurance, which can help protect your construction projects from certain kinds of property damage. They offer protection that puts the power back in the hands of business owners and builders.


Builder’s risk insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for buildings and materials under construction or renovation. It helps protect against damage or losses caused by events such as fire, storms, hail, lightning, high winds, vandalism, contamination, explosions, and collision. It covers materials, equipment, supplies, and other property on site, in transit, or at other locations. Builder’s risk insurance is essential in helping protect construction projects but can be complex and often misunderstood. It is recommended for any person or company with a financial interest in the construction project. The policy can be customized to fit the project’s needs by getting coverage extensions. The cost of builder’s risk insurance varies depending on the construction materials, type of project, and policy details, like coverage amounts and limits.

A standard builder’s risk policy doesn’t typically provide coverage for General Liability exposures.


Individual or entity(s) with a financial interest in a completed course of construction project is eligible to purchase a builder’s risk insurance policy.

Construction Liability policies, while related, are available separately.

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