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Construction Liability

Souza Insurance Agency has effectively worked with projects across North America for over 33 years. Our professionals are ready to work with you on your next project.

Souza Insurance Agency offers construction liability insurance, which can help protect you or your business during a construction project. We provide our expertise on Owners Controlled Insurance Programs (Wrap-Ups), Owner and Contractor Protective Liability, and General Contractor Liability exposures. We apply our experience and skilled expertise to listen, learn and develop construction insurance programs that specifically meet your business needs and, in turn, build a lasting and professional partnership.


Construction Liability insurance provides coverages for incidents that can affect you or your business that may lead to a lawsuit such as Bodily Injuries to people who are not your employees, Products-Completed Operations, Damage to another person’s property, court and legal fees, medical payments, advertising harm, accusations of libel or slander. The cost of Construction Liability varies depending on the size of your project and policy details, like coverage amounts and limits.


Individual or entity(s) with a financial interest in a course of construction project is eligible to purchase Construction Liability Insurance.

Builders risk insurance policies, while related, are available separately.

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